Mändjala Camping provides a variety of ways for cooking your own meals. One of the options is to use a grill house (free of charge for customers). The other is to use mobile barbecue grills which are placed around the campsite. Firewood for the grills can also be purchased from the administrator.

Mändjala Camping provides catering in a number of ways. An empty stomach is not an option!




Beach Bar Manjaana

Mändjala Camping is the home of a rather unique specimen on Saaremaa, Manjaana. It is located right next to the sandy dunes of Mändjala and provides a beautiful view over the sea. Manjaana has everything one would expect from a summer on Saaremaa: sand tickling your toes, cooling breeze for the sun-worn body, and a shade beneath the pines against the burning sun.

In addition, Manjaana is well equipped with excellent selection of drinks and fast food. We recommend you to try  our famous Manjaana burger.  All you can do then, is to relax under the pine trees in the hammock and enjoy the sea view.

If you would rather not rock a hammock, you can give your body a rest on one of our folding chairs.

You can also rent one from the bar.

Sea waves are not the only ones generating the positive vibes around here. Apart from the silky voices of our bar staff you can also enjoy music of different genres: from easy-going coffee-house and soothing blues to dance themes from past and present. Really depends on the mood of the staff and customers if you ask me.

Manjaana is opened at noon (12 a.m.) – unless it is raining cats and dogs, of course. If this is the case, the bar staff is asleep and unfortunately, you will have to come back another day.

The bar closes around 7 p.m. Our bartenders are really not that heavy sleepers, though, so let us know how you feel and we might end up greeting the morning sun, dancing to the tunes of your choice and feeding on the positive vibes of one another. Truth be told – you would not want to leave the place sooner anyways!


Morning buffet

Mändjala Camping offers a rich morning buffet in the restaurant house from 09:00 until 11:00 daily. The buffet is open for everyone, not only our clients. Our buffet has a rich variety of different meal options and anyone can find something delicious to enjoy.

The cost for our buffet is 8 EUR/1 person. Free of charge for 0-3 years old children and for children 4-12 years old, 6 EUR/1 person.



Group catering

Mändjala Camping has a lot of experience in catering different events, what is really important in catering bigger groups and big events.

Mändjala Camping has gained enough experience to offer catering 700 people in 1 hour.

Special menus are available for groups bigger than 10 people.

If needed, we can offer breakfast earlier.