Mändjala Camping has wide experience when it comes to catering groups of various sizes. We have created our own service scheme through the years which enables us to hand out dishes quickly and without long queues.

For the groups we offer two different menus: Affordable and simple; Saaremaa special. It is possible to order different snacks.

Special menus are available for groups bigger than 10 people. In order to receive group catering benefits, you have to make your choice at least 2 days before the planned event. That will give us enough time to gather all the necessary foodstuff and provide the best catering experience possible.

You need not order three courses altogether. You can also opt for 1 or 2 courses, though.

If needed, we will take into account food intolerances and vegetarians.

It is possible to offer breakfast earlier.

Affordable and Simple

Morning buffet 09:00-11:00 8,00

Oatmeal porridge, ham omelet, wieners, boiled eggs, white bred, bread, chrisp bread, butter, jam, fruits, morning cereals, muesli, milk, kefir, yoghurt, lemon water, olives, tomato, cucumber, smoked sausage, sausage, cheese, herring, coffee, tea, honey etc

Soups 3,50

- Thick soup - Thursday nigh soup - Rassolnik

Main courses 7,50

- Meatloaf with mushroom gravy - Kurzeme stroganoff - Oven baked chicken leg - Pork with sour-sweet sauerkraut

Desserts 3,00

- Apple pie with biscuit - Curd cream with fresh strawberry jam - Knot-shaped currant bread

Coffee/tea 1
Fruit water 0,60

Saaremaa Special


Eelsoup 9,00

Homemade Saaremaa bread with herbbutter

Three fish soup from the morning catch 8,00

Homemade Saaremaa bread with herbbutter

Main courses

Potato porridge and smoked salt meat sauce 9,00

fresh pickles

Freshly smoked flounder with fresh potatoes 10,50

cream sauce with fresh herbs

Creamy moose or lambpot with fresh potatoes 16,00
Salted herring with sour cream and fresh onion 7,50


Cake 4,00
Kama (local food) mousse with fresh berries 3,00


Snack platters

Juniper cheese/grape platter 2,60
Freshly salted pickles with honey 2,20
Garlic breads 2,00
Saaremaa smoked sausage 2,40
Selection of meat platter 4,60
Selection of cheese platter 4,20
Selection of fish platter 5,20
Selection of vegetables platter 5,20
Selections of fruit platter 3,80


The prices are per 1 person and include VAT.

Saaremaa Camp Ltd reserves right to make changes of the prices.