Mändjala Camping boasts a unique juniper sauna with a timber heater. Lucrative location by the sea means you can run and dip your body into the sea after an exhiliarating sauna session.

Sauna is in a separate building and comes with a private grilling area. You can also put up tents by the sauna, if you wish.

Our sauna is a cosy place which is perfect for holding smaller events. Inside the sauna you can find an antechamber with unique interior and a fireplace. Part of the charm is a table with a twist that seats 10 people and circles 360 degrees, making it perfect for sharing snacks and drinks.

You heat the sauna with firewood which means that the steam is refreshingly moist. The sauna room itself fits 4–6 people.

Shower and WC are also available.

The firewood for sauna and fireplace will be provided and you can add more as the evening progresses.

The sauna is, on the one hand, pleasantly far from the beach bar so your group has some privacy, but on the other hand, conveniently close so you can refill when the stocks run low.

If you desire, we can stack your table with delicacies from our restaurant Käbi. The selection can be found at the menu, but if you let us know well in advance, we can look into other choices as well.

The sauna can only be rented for the whole evening and the cost, including the grilling area and the firewood, is 95 €.

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